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    We make custom Vertical jigs | The rudo jig is madein different sizes and models.
  • custom Made by jimyjigs - vertical jigshand made in Mexico
    Best quality of craftmanship | They are unique as no other jig is painted the same | vertical jigs made in Mexico by JimyJigs.
  • jimyjigs.com- Rudo Bonito-vertical jigs made in Mexico
    The performance of the rudo jigs is widly known along with its beautiful paterns| Exported all over the world | Jimy Jigs.

We are JimyJigs.com, Hand Made Vertical Jigs Best Quality Fishing Gear.

Some of Our Rudo Jigs, Follow the Artwork In Facebook, hand crafted Vertical Jigs Made in Mexico.

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Rudo, Flying fish 3D Series

Hand made and custom painted jigs, The rudo jigs has become our Barby D. for sportfisherman...

jimy jigs-cancun candy-180grs

Rudo, Nemo HD glow Series

with many colors and sizes to continue fishing and fishing JimyJigs...

high quality vertical jiggs made by  jimyjigs

Rudo, Disco HD glow series

It takes 4 days to finish the long lasting paint job on these Vertical Jigs...

Hand Made- vertical jigs in Mexico

Rudo Tony & Glow Series.

With a clear understanding that if you can see it you can bite it, we use the best quality glow...

Our Latest Work

Chan Jig By JimyJigs

Small casting Jigs

These are the most versatile jig | cast them or drop them off the side of the boat...

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Custom painting lures

We can match the hatch regardles of the fish or fishing bait, Jimy...

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Jimy Jigs

We are JimyJigs custom making lures in Tampico, Mexico and shipping them all over the world...

Custom Made high speed wahoo lures by JimyJigs

Slow Jiggs

Calamaro Jig 180gr. Slow vertical jigg by JimyJigs.com ...


Best fishing jigs made by jimyjigs

"We had the best fishing ground to test Our 180gr. Kianah Jig color patterns and model In Isla Mujeres Mexico..."
Troleo magazine, MX

Vertical jigs made in mexico

"The arent just good jigs, Jimyjigs are some of the best jigs made in Mexico..."
Troleo Magazine, MX


"I set out to test the jigs on my last offshore kayak fishing trip. I started with the Rudo 225G which produced 3 Bonita for the day. Although Bonita are not my fish of choice, they put up a decent fight no matter the size and are always fun to catch. What was more exciting to me was seeing the friends I was fishing with were coming up empty handed..."

vertical jigs-best quality vertical jigs

"The two primary Jimyjigs I use are the "Japo" (flutter style jig) and the “Rudo” knife style jig. These 2 types of jigs have formed subdivisions of body types. The “Japo” (Flutter jig) do just that, they flutter on the way down.t..."

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